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Chef EA Smoot

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The name is Eric 'EA' Smoot and I'm here to add some flavor to your life. From Dallas, born and raised with parents from Atlanta and the Lou, the food we had at dinner time was nothing but delicious. As a kid, my favorite dishes were between my dad's Shrimp Etoufee or my mom's Chicken and Dumplings. We know how to throw down!


I've always had a passion and love for food but, I grew up thinking it was just a tasty hobby until I got into college. Since then, I started watching and studying how dishes were created, plated, orchestrated and saw that there could be more for me in the kitchen. I'm glad to say that the 8 year old boy back then has now started his own business, Smoot's Kitchen. I've dedicated this business to give your taste buds an experience and treat they will never forget.


So, check me out on social media and subscribe to my page because I have so much for you to taste.



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